Thursday, December 04, 2008

Traveling is a hassle

Wrote Monday, 11/24

Air travel is just a hassle--it just takes time and energy--even when everything goes well:

  • Our son took us to the airport at 8 AM (he had a load-in gig at the Target Center at 9 AM so we decided to get to the airport 2 hours before the flight--not our normal 75 to 90 minutes)
  • Got dropped off at was once the little known NWA check in area across from the main terminal--more people are finding out about it and we had to wait to check our bags.
  • Stopped to get my traditional Airport grease bomb breakfast and headed to the gate.
  • Flight actually left on time and arrived slightly early.
  • Record time--45 minutes from getting off the plane to our hotel on Ocean Drive in South Beach.

Total time from home to the hotel: 7 hours--one day spent in airports and on air plains. And we have to the at MIA at 9:30 AM tomorrow for our flight to San Juan, Costa

Getting there by air is NOT half the fun!

We did get a great room on Ocean Drive overlooking the beach--actually a suite--must be really the off season since we got it for $101 including tax. The hotel is all Art Deco.

Just heard a rummor from a fellow traveler--airline websites track you visits with cookies and every time you search for te same trip, the fare goes up. I have to check that out.

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