Thursday, December 04, 2008

Flying out of Miami-to San Jose, CR

Wrote Tuesday, 11/25

First thing to remember when flying to San Jose, Costa Rica is to say Costa Rica--otherwise everyone at the airport will think San Jose, California.

Next, Miami International Airport has really improved their security service. The last two times we've flown through MIA the security lines have been very short. One surprise: a security staff took out a hand magnifying glass to check my passport. Didn't see him do it for anyone else. Gosh, I get special treatment.

Landing in San Jose, a nice surprise was a VERY FAST immigration and customs check. Total time in lines and dealing with the bureaucracy was less than 15 minutes.

The hotel we spent our night in San Jose at had beautiful gardens and great rooms. As I expected though, the hotel was in suburban San Jose--no chance to get to the city center in the short time we were there. Oh well, that just means we need another trip to Costa Rica.

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