Monday, December 08, 2008

Electronics, rainforest and air conditioning

Electronics, rain-forest and air conditioning on the ship didn't mix well.
  • On the first day in the coastal rain forest, we were in a down pour for an hour and a half. My "water proof" backpack wasn't water proof and my Canon EOS Rebel got wet. Back at the ship, it didn't work. I took the batter out and opened it up for three days to dry. Still didn't work. Hung it on the railing outside our cabin for 2 days (in the less air conditioned hallway) and it worked.
  • Bev's Canon EOS would fog up for about 45 minutes every time she went outside. Solution--hang it outside the cabin so it would stay warmer.
  • About half-way through the trip, my laptop developed the blue screen of death. Back in our very dry house in MN, it is working fine.
  • The vidiographer on the ship had to edit the DVD in the hallway because the equipment didn't work in his room.
So, why was it more humid in the cabins than the hallway?

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