Monday, April 06, 2009

Our Guide/Tour

We decided to use the package tour method of seeing Egypt:
  • We don't know the langage
  • We were lazy--we didn't want to spend a few months learning Egypt history before going (we did read a couple books--but that was just skimming the surface)
  • We've found that going to museums in places where English is not the primary language, you miss a lot unless you have a guide.
  • We got a good deal on the tour
  • We've gone on four other tours with this company (Lindblad) are have been very pleased.
For the 28 tourists on this trip, there are two guides--so each group is only 14 people. They do have really good guides. Ghada, the guide we've spent most of our time with, has studied Egyptology all her life. In fact, in the few minutes she had off one day on the cruise, she was reading a just published study on some recent research.

This type of tour must have been really hard to manage before cell phones. I think Ghada spends half her life on her cell phone make last minute changes, and checking on arraingments, changing meal times because we're running early or late.....

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