Thursday, March 13, 2008

Burlington, Ia

Kind of ran out of time for the trip from the Quad Cities to Hannibal, Mo. Mainly took Highway 61 and didn't stop for much. Did spend some time in Burlington, IA.

Burlington (pop of about 30,000) is there because or railroads. There are a number of ravines that run from the river up to the plains. These provided easy routes for the railroads.

Burlington is the namesake of The Burlington Line--on of Jame J. Hill's railroads (in addtion to the Northern Pacific and Great Northern.

Like just about all the river towns and cities, the rail freight yards next to the river have been replaced by a riverfront park. But they all still have a main line railroad between downtown and the river.

Burlington has an active downtown that isn't just a historic district. Had lunch at "The Big Muddy" bar and grill. While it was in an old railroad freight house next to the river, they didn't overdo the fake historic stuff. There was a sign on the wall "1996 Flood Level" that was at table height. When I asked if they had a "local beer," the response was "do you mean domestic?"--not a good sign. The fish sandwich was good though.

Burlington has a great looking Cable Stay Bridge over the river.

Went through a small town named "Mediapolis, IA." Only saw one printer. Town seemed to be about two blocks wide.

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