Saturday, June 09, 2007

Paper-base Wikis for Stragegic Planning

I had an interesting discussion with Tom Borrup. (He has a great book on arts and economic development--The Creative Community Builder's Handbook: How to Transform Communities using Local Assets, Arts, and Culture). I was meeting with him since I'll be on a Minneapolis Telecommunications Network Study Group that is part of the strategic planning process he's conducting. (MTN is the local cable access provider)

Tom had a couple great ideas that are basically paper based group wikis:

  1. He had Kinko's blow up critical sections of the organization's old strategic plan and posted it on the walls. Then each small group was assigned to mark-up one section using one color of marker. The groups then rotated around the room and added their own comments. Each group had a different color marker.
  2. For an organization that didn't have a strategic plan, he started with blank sheets of paper and headed it with a specific target.

For both options, he has each group assign one person to each station. The "cross-member" groups then were responsible for making sense of all the comments.

Great way to get people to work together!

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