Monday, June 11, 2007

Fjirogs, Humbacks, Very wet hike

A quarter to 7 AM a siting of a Humpback Whale with her calf--about 200 to 400 feet away from the ship.

Had four options for a morning activity. Short walk, medium walk, long walk, kayaking. We decided on the longer hike of about 3 miles in a drizzle along a salmon spawning river to a lake. This really is a rain forest. Second growth forest. Was clear-cut in early 20th Century. Sitka Spruce and Hemlock. Hike was very muddy, trail was USFS primitive trail.

Bev had a experience with the infamous SE Alaska "Boot-sucking mud." Walking on the trail, stepped in some mud, sank to above her ankle, took another step and her boot stayed where it was but her foot came out. In her honor, the specialty drink at the bar was the "Mud-Sucking Mudslide. Bev got a free one.

We're traveling with Bev's mom--in her 70s with arthritis. She decided to go on the hike with us. Up and over roots, through the mud, up and down hills.amazing--I hope I'm as active at that age.

Afternoon cruising east and north--watching for wildlife. Saw one humpback in distance.

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