Monday, October 18, 2004

Train ride to Chicago NTEN

Just took Amtrak from the Twin Cities to Chicago for the first time in 20 years.
One word--Relaxing: 3 miles to the train station; Train boarding started 10 minutes after I arrived; About 300 steps from being dropped off at the station to my seat on the train; Big, comfortable seats with foot rests; Walked to the dining car for lunch; Sat in the lounge/scenic view car to watch the multi-colored leaves; Got a lot of work done.
Walked out of the train and up the stairs at Chicago Union Station on time and walked to my hotel.

It's interesting to compare this to flying to Chicago Midway: 20 minute drive through highway construction to the airport; Check in with baggage (because there are things they don’t allow you to take on the plain); Go through security; Get to gate (usually at the end of one of the concourses); Small seats, if the person in front of you reclines the seat—you’re screwed; 1 hour gate to gate instead of 8 hours (a good thing); Wait for baggage; Get to the loop from the airport.


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